Want To Get Your Thesis Back On Track? Here Are 11 Tips

Struggling with a dissertation is a common occurrence among scholars. Several reasons are responsible for this and to get over all of them without much ado; we have you covered with 11 tips proven by DissertationTeam writing experts that will bring you out of the woods whenever you get stuck along the line while writing your thesis.

Where Am I To Start?

One of the basic challenges that scholars face with the dissertation bothers on how to start the thesis. You can begin by reading very short pieces of write-ups. What you read should be around your areas of interest and you are going to get inspiration on how to begin through such an approach.

What If You Do Not Have Anything To Say?

Having taken the step of reading and you are faced with the dilemma of not having anything to say; it is advised that you go into research to look for inspiration on what you are to say. This will involve looking over and over again for patterns, themes, arguments. Looking at what others have done right or wrong will demand plenty of discussions.

Your Guts

Studies have shown that you can be right for about 90% of the time when you follow your guts. This is not trying to sound mystical, but when you follow your instincts; you will make an headway with your dissertation.

Manually Write Everything

If you want desired full effects, then you must not trust typing of the documents but rather go on to have it written down manually. Never trust your memory with any of the details; rather put everything down in black and white.

When You Feet You Have Reached A Dead End

You must keep the tempo of work on the high-meaning you have to work every day; weekends inclusive in a situation where you felt you have reached a dead-end.

What You Must Do When You Lag Behind

You are likely to fall behind the expected schedule during the process of your writing. When reality dawns on you that you are not likely to measure up with the time frame; do not give up but turn to your advisor for a possible solution.


When Your Idea Appears Terrible

There are two rules of thumb here; if your work appears perfect, you are going to run into the troubled waters. Where your work is finished and there are noticeable shortfalls; it is expected in dissertations and areas where you need improvements will be suggested. Moderators have not agreed on any standard rating the perfection or not of the dissertation.

When Your Idea Is No Longer Viable

This is one thing that is dreaded by scholars. There is always someone working on the topic that you are writing on. Consult with any of them to fix the issues.

When The Words Are Not Enough

Where you suddenly realized that you are short of words to continue with your write-up; you are advised to consult external sources; one of them should, of course, be your thesis supervisor. 

When There Are Too Many Words

This is a rare situation. When faced with such a dilemma; it is advised that you draw positives from the book: 'Revising Prose' by Richard Lanham (Pearson, 2006).

When Your Supervisor Is Not Helpful

You have to sort this outright from the early stages. Another brilliant way of getting out of this mess is to hire a co-supervisor.

Simple Ideas